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Dedication to all things motorcycle. Welcome to Insane Custom Cycles

For the past 15 plus years Johnny Goodson, alongside Insane Custom Cycles, has been influencing the motorcycle industry with his unique style of custom motorcycles, unparalleled dedication to the craft of all things motorcycle.

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Are you stranded and need a tow to the shop. Call Arizona Motorcycles Towing, LLC

Arizona Motorcyles Towing, LLC.
Insane Custom Cycles is partnering with Arizona Motorcycles Towing to offer you a service like no other. We will get you towed without problems, 24 hours a day with minimal problems...


Learn about Johnny Goodson and Insane Custom Cycles

Johnny Goodson, A life about motorcycles.
Johnny has been customizing, repairing, teaching about motorcycles for as long as he remembers. Learn a bit more about this true maverick and his life long obsession into creating the perfect machine ..
A great shop in the heart of Phoenix, AZ

A great shop in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.
We are located in the heart of Phoenix's business district and are in close proximity to freeways and only 20 minutes from Phoenix International Airport. Stop by and come say hello, we'd love to see ya!...





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